Surfacing: Athletes In Paris

on Thursday, March 03, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I remember the joy I used to get from going from MySpace band profile to MySpace band profile and finding several amazing bands. The "MySpace trawl" has been somewhat scuppered by the diminishing profile of the site and it's probably been at least two years since I last tried that method of music discovery. But you can still happily trawl the internet for bands, which is how I found out about Athletes In Paris.

I was pretty surprised to see Not Many Experts had written about them the very night I first them but I shouldn't have been - it's a mighty fine blog. Also, Athletes In Paris are already rather popular oop North, especially in the Newcastle area where they hail from. And the band share definite echoes of fellow Tynesiders Maximo Park and Little Comets.

I'm a bit tentative about bigging up acts that only have one song - a previous song 'Heartbeat' has (suspiciously?) been made unavailable almost everywhere - but 'Borrowed Time' is so brilliant, I'm willing to take a gamble. Don't let me down, lads. Infectious guitar pop at its best. Download the track from the widget below for free, for a limited time.

'Borrowed Time' is released as a single on April 4th.

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