Surfacing: Ex Libras

on Monday, March 21, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Last month, Ex Libras put out the haunting 'Teenage Eyes', a "free single release", amalgamating dance beats with Muse-esque melodrama. It's actually a fairly old track but also fairly brilliant, and not the only nifty track up the sleeves of London trio.

'Teenage Eyes' would have got a shout in February's singles round up but to me, it's a free download. By definition. And it was originally up for download last year. I'm probably being too much of a purist but either way, they'll have many more words written about them here than they would have done in that singles round up. Much needed words too.

The band have been going for a while now (with a full length album already released) but are still very much under the radar. I'm not really sure how they're not massively lauded on the basis of the tracks I've heard. Ex Libras bring together experimental dance and epic post-rock soundscapes. There's everything from Radiohead through to Nine Inch Nails. A truly engrossing mix of genres.

Listen and prepare to be blown away. Then tell all your friends. Because Ex Libras are criminally underrated at the moment.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Ex Libras - Teenage Eyes by abadgeoffriendship

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Radar by Ex Libras

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