Surfacing: Polarsets

on Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Newcastle's Polarsets burst onto the UK blogosphere with their illegally catchy anthem 'Leave Argentina' at the back end of last year. Straddling indie and dance, they sound like a megamix of Two Door Cinema Club, Fenech Soler and Friendly Fires. They managed to impress the folks at Kitsuné enough to be having their debut single proper 'Sunshine Eyes' released on that label on April 18.

It's understandable why a label like Kitsuné would take on Polarsets. There's a certain kineticism to their pop tunes which makes it difficult to figure out whether they're more into their dance or more into their indie. No matter, Polarsets are turning out club classics for either environment.

The 2010 summer festival scene is probably too soon for them but I have a strong suspicion that Polarsets will rule the 2011 summer festivals.

STREAM: Leave Argentina by Polarsets

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Polarsets - Morning

Listen to forthcoming single 'Sunshine Eyes' on Soundcloud.

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