Surfacing: Psychologist

on Thursday, March 24, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I studied a fair bit of psychology at university, traversing everything from the more health and clinically related aspects through to organisational/business psych. I never really fancied being a psychologist though. Unlike Iain Woods. Sort of anyway. His spine-tingling solo outfit Psychologist finally released its debut EP this coming Monday.

There's apparently a significant Burial influence too but for my sins, I'm not really all that familiar with William Bevan's acclaimed escapades. Instead, I hear a comparison to James Blake, sharing sparse melancholic approaches with mesmeric vocals. Except I think Psychologist is far more magical.

It's a tough ask for Iain to emulate James' success but with tracks like the wondrous 'Comes In Waves' under his belt, it might just happen. 'Comes In Waves' is on the first Psychologist EP of 2011, 'Waves Of OK', released on Not Even - an imprint of Moshi Moshi. The EP was recorded in a church and you can almost feel a sense of history and majesty at the core of each track.

Put down everything and listen to the EP below. Don't just listen, soak in every last moment. Then look forward to Iain's second EP of the year, due to arrive in May.

STREAM: Waves of OK EP by psychologistmusic

STREAM: Psychologist - Comes In Waves

'Waves Of OK' will be released on March 28th. Purchase from Amazon, iTunes etc.

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