Surfacing: Seerauber Jenny

on Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I rather foolishly forgot to write this post at the start of the month before Seerauber Jenny headed out on their UK tour but it's too late for that now. Or perhaps you've kept up to date since I awarded them the single of the month about six months back before slotting said single in at #27 in my Festive Fifty of 2010.

If you missed out first time round then I shall explain again. Seeräuber Jenny are singer-songwriter Fran Barker and Neil Claxton, the latter of whom is more famously known for his work with Mint Royale. The duo produce a unique mix of beguiling folk, guitar pop and fuzzy electronica.

As I've already implied, I rather enjoyed their debut single - the beautiful 'Push It Away' sadly remains under the radar. Their darker, more melodramatic follow up single, 'Avalanche', came out earlier this month. It's probably not the move to lead them into the warm embrace of commercial success but their creative approach (see their artwork and videos) should reap benefits sooner rather than later.

Listen to the new single below, along with an alternative version of the debut single, entitled 'Push It Away From Here'.

STREAM: Avalanche by Seeräuber Jenny

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Seerauber Jenny - Push It Away From Here

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