Surfacing: Team Me

on Monday, March 14, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Norwegians Team Me have been supporting some big hitting UK bands lately - British Sea Power and The Wombats, two very different bands. But it makes a bit of sense as Team Me bridge the gap in some respects with their grandiose pop, of which 'Dear Sister' is a massive highlight - particularly handy as we have it for free download below.

There's definitely a folk undercurrent which might put some off but I think it adds a certain charm and warmth to the band. It's very much in contrast to my favourite Norwegian bunch, Span, who delivered mighty rock riffs and an amazing t-shirt with the following slogan - "Of course we're shite, we're Norwegian!" - ice cold.

With Team Me coming along and being brilliant, maybe it's time to drop the self-deprecation, cross the "shite" out, and replace it with "ace". The group will be releasing their debut (in the UK, at least) EP in April, with the tracks below, 'Dear Sister' and 'Weathervanes And Chemicals', both appearing on said EP.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Team Me - Dear Sister by Anorak London

STREAM: Team Me - Weathervanes And Chemicals

The band are still touring the UK for a few final dates this month but will return for The Great Escape in May.

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