Preview Footage: Green Lantern [WonderCon 2011 Excerpt]

on Sunday, April 03, 2011
Words: Saam Das

To remind people that there is indeed a 'Green Lantern' movie emerging this Summer, Warner Bros have put up four minutes of footage on Apple, and embedded below, taken from the WonderCon 2011 convention. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, with Mark Strong, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard are in the mix.

I'm still pretty undecided about the film (after its first trailer) but judging from some of the comments I've read, a lot of fans of the comic are optimistic. Seeing as director Martin Campbell helmed my two favourite Bond films ('Goldeneye' and 'Casino Royale'), I guess I should be fairly optimistic too.

'Green Lantern' is scheduled for release on 17 June 2011 in both the UK and the US.

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