Singles: March 2011

on Thursday, April 07, 2011
Words: Saam Das

At the end of March, I checked the "March singles" folder in my inbox. 66 messages. Oh boy. A new record. It means that (for this month at least) I'm including an extra list of singles that I think are worth checking out. Before that come ten of my favourite/the "best" singles from March, which I heartily recommend. Listen to them all below.

> Matt And Kim - 'Cameras' (21 March)

Not only have Matt And Kim produced one of the best singles of the year but they've also made a kick-ass (for lack of a better word) video for it. Props to director Jonathan Del Gatto for delivering the best musical related violence since 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World. As for 'Cameras', it's brilliant bustling synthpop. And single of the month.

> Ra Ra Riot - 'Boy' (28 March)

This might well be the best thing that Ra Ra Riot have ever done. I'm so onboard with that bassline, I'm overboard. And things only get better with the soothing vocals and majestic strings. So close to being joint single of the month but not quite.

> Paper Crows - 'Follow The Leader'/'Fingertips' (28 March)

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Paper Crows - Fingertips (Acoustic) by Sainted PR

Single #2 for absorbing London duo Paper Crows and it's another good un. It might be a double A-side but I much prefer 'Fingertips' and its Portishead leanings which "emphasise the beauty of Emma Panas' ethereal vocals". Download an acoustic version of 'Fingertips' for free above.

> Patrick Wolf - 'The City' (14 March)

Patrick Wolf has managed to transcend the singer-songwriter tag in a way that few will ever manage. Returning to the poppier approach of 'The Magic Position', 'The City' is a spritely anthemic ballad. Points off for cheesy lyrics throughout but multi-point bonus for saxophone usage.

>Thomas Tantrum - 'Sleep' (28 March)

I bloody love Southampton's Thomas Tantrum - their debut LP was one of my favourite albums of 2008. They've moved slightly away from the wonky pop stylings but Megan Thomas' vocals continue to give the songs an enjoyably quirky vibe. Download an RAC remix of the track for free on Soundcloud.

>Kyla La Grange - 'Walk Through Walls' (March 7)

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Kyla La Grange - Walk Through Walls by Stayloose

Another double A-side single and another freebie extravaganza. Download the epic pop of 'Walk Through Walls' for nada above as well as 'Courage' at Soundcloud. How kind. Pick up the 7" vinyl if you're a fan. It'll probably worth a lot someday soon.

>A Genuine Freakshow - 'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness' (14 March)

'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness'? Well, if you say so. It certainly is something of a mess. But a nice mess. Like an Eton mess. Or more appropriately, a bouncy indie-pop mess featuring guest vocals from Hatty Taylor of Vienna Ditto. Maybe calling it a mess is a bit unfair. Tis but a fine romp.

> The Kill Van Kulls - 'Fools Wish' (14 March)

This debut single doesn't sound a million miles away from the Hurts but. That approach may serve the Manchester band well. Indeed, it works well on 'Fools Wish'.

> Braids - Plath Heart (14 March)

There's something oceanic (in a nice way) about 'Plath Heart' and 'Lemonade', the debut UK double A-side single from Canadian dream-poppers Braids. Download 'Lemonade' for free from Soundcloud. Their debut album drops next week in the UK.

> EMA - The Grey Ship (7 March)

EMA is the solo moniker of Erika Anderson, of the now disbanded Gowns. 'The Grey Ship' clocks in at over seven minutes in length, representing great value for money - but a radio edit might have been handy. I'm certainly more a fan of the darker vibe it progresses towards.

Love Inks - Blackeye (28 March)
Seerauber Jenny - Avalanche (7 March)
Psychologist - Waves Of OK EP (28 March)

exlovers - 'Blowing Kisses' (7 March)
Halls - 'Solace' (14 March)
Sissy And The Blisters - 'We Are The Others' (14 March)
Dimbleby & Capper - 'Let You Go' (21 March)
Banjo Or Freakout - 'Idiot Rain' (21 March)
2:54 - 'On A Wire' (28 March)
You Animals - 'What A Shame, Lorraine'/'Halfway To Heartbreak' (28 March)

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