Stream: Mammal Club - The Au EP [New Release]

on Saturday, April 23, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Back in October, I told you all about an exciting new Northern band called Mammal Club, comparing them favourably to Foals and Everything Everything. Well, they've just announced their debut EP release, which you can listen to in full below. And you should because it's really quite good.

The EP consolidates the potential we initially saw in the band, bringing different styles to the fore at different times, producing a sense of unpredictability and excitement on each track. Yet there's a burning realisation that at their core, Mammal Club have put together an EP of magnificently crafted experimental pop.

If you know your GCSE chemistry/periodic table, the EP's golden by name, golden by nature. Yeah, I went there. Enjoy the EP, if not my terrible wordplay.

Mammal Club - The Au EP by everybodysstalking

The EP comes out on Everybody's Stalking on May 2nd. Stay upto date at the Mammal Club Facebook page.

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