The Great Escape: 2011 Festival Preview [Saturday]

on Friday, May 13, 2011
Words: Saam Das

If you're already at The Great Escape and away from a computer then I trust you have already done the necessary research and preparation in order to have jolliest time possible. If not, then check out my Thursday preview and Friday preview to give you a helping hand. The final preview is ready to be consumed below.

Seeing as I saw a few of the bands appearing on Saturday at the Camden Crawl very recently, I can heartily recommend the following: King Charles, Let's Buy Happiness, Team Ghost, and 2:54

Oh and check stage times and venue details because they can and have changed in some instances. And I don't want you missing out. Let me know so I don't miss out either.

Braids (15.15, Upstairs at Komedia + 19.45, Horatios)


I included Braids in my March singles reviews roundup thingy, mentioning how oceanic their sound seemed. So it's appropriate that they visit the seaside to play a couple of sets. They kind of remind of Caribou but with much more of a guitar sound. Download 'Lemonade' for nada at Soundcloud.

EMA (16.00, Shipwrights Yard + 20.30, Horatios)

STREAM: EMA - California by La Chunga Publishing

Erika M Anderson used to be in Gowns, who I'd never heard of to be honest. But you may have. Her debut solo album is out this week, and she seems to be going from strength to strength. I wasn't blown away by EMA's debut single but I'm now quite entranced by grungey drone pop. Perhaps you will be too.

K. Flay (20.00, Coalition)

There are very few hip hop artists that interest me in any manner. DELS is definitely one of the few, as is Kristine Flaherty. She attracted my attention last year with her take on Grizzly Bear's 'Two Weeks', which you can download for free above. It'll be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to her music, considering she's sharing a bill (presented by our friends at There Goes The Fear) with the likes of Foster The People and White Denim.

Lanterns On The Lake (15.15, Queens Hotel + 21.15, Upstairs at Komedia)

STREAM: My Shield by Lanterns on the Lake

There's an incredible Generator showcase going down at the Queens Hotel in the afternoon. It's definitely the place to be. I've written/eulogised about each of the other acts (Polarsets, Mammal Club and Let's Buy Happiness). This band are as accomplished as any of those, if not more so. Their celestial sounds have found them a home at Bella Union.

Saint Saviour (22.00, Unitarian Church)

DOWNLOAD: Happy Blue by Saint Saviour

I see the quote "Why the fuck am I unsigned?" on the artist description for Becky Jones, who lent her vocals to a recent Groove Armada album. On the basis of those words, she might be disgustingly arrogant but she does also write some splendid tunes to match her impressive vocals.

The Sound Of Arrows (20.30, Corn Exchange)

DOWNLOAD: The Sound of Arrows - Danger! by Labrador Records

This preview has had a noticeable female lean but that's more by chance than anything untoward. As one of my tips for 2011, The Sound Of Arrows are full value for their spot in this list I just hope that they live upto their magical dreamy dance-pop records.

You can catch some really great bands during the day at these showcases, and even some at night if you want to hang out in one venue.

- Republic of Music showcase at Shipwright's Yard featuring Fear Of Men, ANR and The Strange Death Of Liberal England and EMA
- Artrocker show (free entry to all) at The Rose Hill Tavern featuring Antlered Man, Pope Joan, Illness and The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
- So Darn So and Beyond Days show at Beyond Retro featuring Dry The River and To Kill A King
- Shuga Buddha show at The Fishbowl featuring Daughter (also on Friday/come see her at our Joe Bloggers gig in London next week)
- The Animal Farm showcase at Latest Music Bar featuring Athletes In Paris

These acts have been on the blog at one or another, almost all for positive reasons. So if you find yourself in clash central, you could do worse than to choose any of these bands. Especially in terms of Foster The People and Worship, who I recommended seeing on the Thursday but are also playing on the Saturday. It's a similar situation with Funeral Suits, who I suggested you check out on Friday.

Alpines (also on Friday) // Art Brut
Beat Connection // Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Fiction // Foster The People (also on Thursday) // Funeral Suits (also on Friday)
Hot Horizons (also on Friday)
Melodica, Melody, And Me // My First Tooth (also on Friday)
Spark + Stealing Sheep
The Antlers + The Naked & Famous // The Phoenix Foundation (also on Friday)
Worship (also on Thursday)

For more info, check out Click to read the rest of our coverage of The Great Escape.

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