Month In Reviews: April 2011

on Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Another month flies by and here's a collection of all our reviews - be they album, DVD or theatrical releases. Even a couple of telly things. Thanks as ever to all our intrepid reviewers.

Album of the month goes to the return of TV On The Radio (R.I.P Gerard Smith), film of the month to Duncan Jones' second feature 'Source Code', and DVD of the month is jointly awarded to the Spanish language comedy-drama 'Abel' and the Mexican (sort of) massacre 'Machete'. Links to those reviews and more below.


ALBUM OF THE MONTH: TV On The Radio - 'Nine Types Of Light' // Simon Opie // 9.0 (includes free mp3 download of 'Caffeinated Consciousness')
Low - 'C'mon' // Simon Opie // 8.5 (includes free mp3 downloads of 'Try To Sleep' and 'Especially Me')
Caitlin Rose - 'Own Side Now' // Rajan Lakhani // 8.0 (includes free mp3 download of 'Shanghai Cigarettes')
Grails - 'Deep Politics' // Simon Opie // 8.0 (includes free mp3 download of 'I Led Three Lives')
Young Knives - 'Ornaments From The Silver Arcade' // Emily Solan // 8.0
The Raveonettes - 'Raven In The Grave' // Rajan Lakhani // 6.5 (includes free mp3 download of 'Forget That You're Young')
Vessels - 'Helioscope' // Simon Opie // 6.5 (includes free mp3 download of 'The Trap')
The Strokes - 'Angles' // Kieran Toms // 6.0


FILM OF THE MONTH: 'Source Code' // Ced Yuen // 8.0
'Thor' // Ced Yuen // 7.5
'Blooded' // Paul Dean // 6.0
'Sucker Punch' // Ced Yuen // 6.0
'Red Riding Hood' // Saam Das // 4.5
'The Veteran' // Ced Yuen // 4.0


DVD OF THE MONTH (JOINT): 'Machete' // Jake Tobin // 8.0
DVD OF THE MONTH (JOINT): 'Abel' // Saam Das // 8.0 (Released: 25 April)
'Meet The Parents: Little Fockers' // Ced Yuen // 5.5
'Woochi The Demon Slayer' // Paul Dean // 4.0
'The Chaperone' // Saam Das // 3.0
'Chatroom' // Saam Das (Released: 25 April)
'Enter The Void' // Paul Dean (Released: 25 April)
'The Tourist' // Ced Yuen (Released: 25 April)


'Doctor Who' Episode 1: 'The Impossible Astronaut' // Saam Das
'Doctor Who' Episode 2: 'Day Of The Moon' // Saam Das
'The Walking Dead' // Jake Tobin (re-aired on Channel Five over April)

Read the monthly round up for March here.

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