Remixed: Tellison - Collarbone (Rolo Tomassi Remix)

on Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Remixed is a column that will highlight remixes we actually think are worthy of praise, be they old or new. Because most remixes are rubbish.

Words: Saam Das

I went to see Rolo Tomassi (on the noise-loving Holy Roar record label) at Offset Festival back in 2009. I lasted about 129 seconds before running out of the tent. Hardcore is an understatement. Much to my surprise though, they've turned in a rather blissful electronica remix of Tellison's splendid anthem 'Collarbone'. Download the remix for nothing below.

At times, the remix of 'Collarbone' unexpectedly feels like it's approaching some sort of dubstep horizon before stepping back and enveloping itself in ethereal synth sounds. Then comes the moment a couple of minutes in when it seems like the song might be ending all too soon. But no. Instead, it slowly builds and builds, returning even more majestically than before.

Watch the video to the original version of 'Collarbone' above and download the stunning remix below.

DOWNLOAD: Tellison - Collarbone (Rolo Tomassi Remix) by NaimEdge

'Wages Of Fear', the new Tellison album, drops on June 13th. Rolo Tomassi head out on a UK tour this week.

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