Download: O'Death - Bugs [Album Preview]

on Thursday, June 09, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I hadn't heard much about O'Death until this year but it appears the Brooklyn band will be homing in on ten years in the game within the next couple of years. They stand apart from fellow Brooklyn bands such as Vampire Weekend and TV On The Radio with their immersive country-folk sound. Download a taste of their forthcoming new album ('Outside') below.

'Bugs' kicks off in a similarly tender manner to Death Cab For Cutie's 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark' before bursting into an breathtaking mix of bluegrass and folk. The production on the vocals is particularly special and comes from perhaps a surprising source - producer Bobby Pavone is most notable for his work with The Fall and Asobi Seksu.

I'm assured by one of the other esteemed FG writers, Simon, that O'Death are also eye-catching live so it would not surprise me one bit if 'Outside' proves to be their breakthrough album. I just hope the rest of the record comes somewhere near the brilliance of 'Bugs'. In fact, I've just discovered you can stream the full album on Soundcloud so we can find out ourselves.

FREE DOWNLOAD: O'Death - Bugs by cityslang

'Outside' will be released on June 13th on City Slang, and is available to pre-order from

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