Download: Summer Camp - Nobody Knows You [Album Preview]

on Thursday, June 30, 2011
Words: Emily Solan

Alongside launching their PledgeMusic campaign this week (more on that later), those busy bees that are Summer Camp also released the track 'Nobody Knows You' as a free download. Straying away from their previous releases, yet still unmistakably Summer Camp, the track verges more towards a darker electronic side of the band, rather than their decidedly twee, nostalgia infused offerings.

Lead vocalist Elizabeth Sankey's voice appears even more powerful than before, and when combined with a deluge of synths and effects is almost unrecognisable. This seemingly darker track, that is stilll drenched in nostalgia and melancholy, only begins to satisfy the excitement for their soon to be released debut.

And on that matter, the band has teamed up with PledgeMusic to release their debut album on the general public. Having teamed up with artists including Emmy The Great and Grammatics before, Summer Camp have wholeheartedly embraced the whimsical nature of PledgeMusic with a wide array of truly unique pledges.

So if you fancy a song written specifically about you, the band to play your house party, a Summer Camp summer camp or even one of Jeremy Warmsley's books from his personal collection, you'd do well to get involved!

STREAM: Summer Camp - Nobody Knows You

Head over to PledgeMusic to see how you can get hold of the forthcoming album and other assorted goodies.

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