Listen: Akira The Don + Friends - Living In The Future 2.5

on Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Following his brilliant cover of 'I Am Not A Robot', rapper/producer Akira The Don partially won me over. He's back with another great track - along with some pals - Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos and Scroobius Pip. Listen to 'Living In The Future 2.5' below.

I'm enjoying the world of collaboration that we're living in - from the Tinchy Stryder-led 'Game Over' to Kanye West's impressive 'All Of The Lights' - and Akira The Don certainly benefits from the presence of his assortment of guest vocalists. Especially Art Brut's Eddie Argos, who stands out simply because he wouldn't normally be associated with this kind of track.

I can't say I'm familiar with Mr Big Narstie but I'm long time fan of MC Lars (my favourite artist at Truck Festival 2004, no less) as well as Scroobius Pip, who was half responsible for my favourite track of 2010. They all add their own insights into the history of technology, reflecting on the way we've moved on from MiniDiscs, the disappointment of touchscreen phones and the need for 'Ghostbusters 3'.

The most interesting aspect for me was when Akira The Don rapped about how he torrents television shows - yet by charging for this track, he seeks payment for the entertainment that he creates. Maybe a bit hypocritical? When is it appropriate to (illegally) download stuff? Is it ever?

I don't know about all that but 'Living In The Future 2.5' is a compelling collaboration, with its bouncy electro-pop production and its varied guest vocals. Compare to the previous 'Living In The Future 2' (and also v1.0 here) below.

STREAM: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie MC Lars Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip - Living In The Future 2.5

STREAM: Akira The Don - Living In The Future 2

UPDATE: Don Akira The Don has subverted my pseudo-musings on downloading by giving away a 192kbps version of 'Living In The Future 2.5' on his website. Good times. Of course, if you do enjoy the track then please do explore his shop and consider buying the track/his other material.

Download 'Living In The Future 2.5' at

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