Surfacing: Retraplayer

on Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Words: Saam Das

We came across Southampton quintet Retraplayer last year but it wasn't till hearing the sparkling electro-pop of glorious new single 'Drinks In Helsinki' that we could firmly lend our support to the band. Listen to the track below.

The band made some waves with their 'The Observatory' EP released in 2010 but 'Drinks In Helsinki' shows off a catchier, poppier side to the band. A new direction which I very much approve of.

The new single is somewhat reminiscent of the anthemic 'Come And See The Lights' by Flashguns but at the same time, incredibly different. Regardless, from the first moments of the magical intro, you know you're onto a winner with 'Drinks In Helsinki'.

STREAM: Drinks in Helsinki by Retraplayer

'Drinks In Helsinki' is scheduled for release sometime during July. In the meantime, download free tracks by Retraplayer at Bandcamp.

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