Download: Male Bonding - Bones [Album Preview]

on Monday, July 04, 2011
Words: Simon Opie

Be careful what you wish for. When I reviewed Male Bonding's promising debut album 'Nothing Hurts' back in May 2010 I suggested their studio sound would develop – and apparently so it has. 'Bones' is an early release from their upcoming 'Endless Now' follow-up and download it below for free.

The track’s six and a half minutes long, which is way more than twice as long as any song on the first album. You can also take my Archie Bronson Outfit comparison and throw it away. They’ve gone a bit psych rock - sort of Bardo Pond fused with Black Mountain.

Of course that’s not bad, but it is very different – I guess 'Franklin' (downloadable for free from Sub Pop) is the most similar track from 'Nothing Hurts' – and whilst 'Bones' is likeable enough, with a catchy chorus, I’m not convinced it has the muscle to fill out its extended playtime.

So I’ll be interested to hear the new album, hoping that the rough edges remain elsewhere, as I really think they were distinctive, and that there’s sting as well as drone.

To keep updated on Male Bonding news, head to Sub Pop.

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