Listen: The Vaccines - Norgaard [New Single]

on Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Earlier this evening, The Drums unveiled their comeback material in the form of new single, 'Money'. I wasn't really feeling it. As it happens, the new single from The Vaccines actually reminds me a bit of The Drums. Listen to the surf-punk of 'Norgaard' below.

After hearing the atrocious former single 'Post Break-Up Sex', I was all but ready to join the backlash brigade but I actually rather enjoyed the melodrama of recent single 'All In White'. Which I would have posted more about if their record label hadn't infuriatingly disabled embedding its Soundcloud widget. Thankfully, no such problems for this breezy tribute to the model Amanda Norgaard, who also features in the video.

'Norgaard' will be released on 21 August. For more news about The Vaccines, head to Facebook.

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