Singles: June 2011

on Wednesday, July 06, 2011
Words: Saam Das

June, you have disappointed me with your relative lack of brilliant singles. Anything, however, is better than Cher Lloyd's upcoming single, 'Swagger Jagger'. I weep for humanity. Check out ten MUCH BETTER singles from last month below, and the photo above is a hint to our single of the month winner.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - 'Box Of Stones' (Release: 20th June)

The debut album from Benjamin Francis Leftwich is out this week, and if this single is representative of the quality of 'Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm', then it's definitely a winner. Benjamin is on his way to be considered the British Bon Iver. And if he can maintain his standards, his name will stand alone soon enough. A beautifully heartfelt single. SINGLE OF THE MONTH.

Beaty Heart - '2Good' (13th)

Kicking off like a mystical mix between Massive Attack and Animal Collective, the debut single from Beaty Heart then goes full on tropical pop. Steel drums aplenty! As joyous as sipping Um Bongo on a breezy summer's day. Maybe even more joyous. SINGLE OF THE MONTH (RUNNER UP).

Beirut - 'East Harlem' (6th)

I've never really been into Zach Condon et al but there's something eminently pleasurable about this jaunty offering. Plus, the brass melody totally reminds me of the chorus of Shania Twain's 'You're Still The One', which is a bit cheeky but it's also a brilliant melody....right, guys?

Nicola Roberts - 'Beat Of My Drum' (6th)

You'll know Nicola Roberts as the redhead off of that Girls Aloud lot. And well this single sounds like she's mashed up a solo single from each of the other girls. It's a bit of a mess. Diplo's done better but it's a brave pop single/opening salvo, so I applaud it. Briefly.

The History Of Apple Pie - 'You’re So Cool' (27th)

Opting for a similar American indie rock inspiration as contemporaries Yuck but with a more melodic approach. And hence, more pleasurable. Plus, they seemed pretty nice when I had a brief chat at the Camden Crawl so here's me being nice back.

Grouplove - 'Itchin On A Photograph' (20th)

I was rather enamoured with Grouplove's debut UK single 'Colours' earlier this year. The Pixies comparison is still apparent, particularly in the vocals, although the new single veers a little bit too much toward MOR at times. Regardless, Grouplove remain a rather exciting American indie-pop proposition.

Bonjay - 'Stumble'/'Creepin' (6th)

Probably the only single to have ever been released in notebook form (with a digital download code) although almost certainly soon to be usurped by an iPad download or something equally as awful. As for the music, it's a hypnotic combination of beat-laden electro with R&B-esque vocals.

The Joy Formidable - 'A Heavy Abacus' (27th)

Despite winning over a couple of US generational legends in the form of Dave Grohl and Mark Hoppus, Welsh trio The Joy Formidable still have a long way to go in the UK. But they're amping up the intensity with singles like 'A Heavy Abacus' and it could pay major dividends by the end of the festival season. Let's hope so.

New Look - 'The Ballad' (27 June)

The juxtaposition of harsh synth and angelic vocals make New Look's debut single sufficiently noteworthy to appear in this list. At over six minutes long, 'The Ballad' could do with a radio edit. And don't be too surprised if the band have to change their name soon. Hopefully they won't opt for Mango, Zara, Urban Outfitters etc as a replacement.

Hoodlums - 'Landmarks' (6th)

I heard tracks by Hoodlums a good few years back and it was a massive shock to hear this new single - abandoning their initial two tone stylings for singalong stadium indie. I genuinely had to check it was the same band. Anyway, I welcome the change. Keep the anthems coming, lads.

Beau & The Arrows - '' (13th)
Spector - 'Never Fade Away' (20th)
The Good Natured - 'Wolves' (free download) from 'Skeleton EP' (20th)
Ana Lola Roman - 'Klutch' (27th - pushed back from its original April release, I guess)

6th: The Vaccines - 'All In White' // Dananananaykroyd - 'Muscle Memory' // Thomas Tantrum - 'Hot Hot Summer' // Tellison - 'Say Silence'
13th: Other Lives - 'For 12' // Disclosure - 'Carnival' (free download) // Baddies - 'Tiger Face' // Coldplay - 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'
20th: The Phoenix Foundation - 'Bitte Bitte' // Mono Stereo - 'Girl I Love You'
27th: Patrick Wolf - 'House' // Alice Gold - 'Cry Cry Cry' // Balto - 'The Railroad' (free download)

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