Teaser Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

on Monday, July 18, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I was particularly unimpressed with the recent reveal of the poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' - just to offer an alternate view, FG writer Ced rather liked it - and Ultraculture's lampooning of its "cut a bat shape into anything" approach appealed to me much more. But posters are small fry, the first official footage from Christopher Nolan's final Batman film has appeared in the form of a teaser trailer.

I'm not blown away by this teaser although almost by definition, you never can really expect to be amazed by such preview footage. The font is especially horrible. And that's even with my awful sense of graphic design. Liam Neeson's voiceover hints at his character's return (most likely in a flashback) but it is the appearance of Tom Hardy's Bane that is of most interest here - ominous, to say the least.

There's not much point analysing too much of the footage but Gary Oldman's dialogue evokes much of the spirit of the previous films, emboldening Batman/Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) weakening resolve. But do we really need that plot element AGAIN? Hopefully, I'm just erroneously extrapolating.

After watching the teaser, I'm in much the same place as I was before. I'll definitely be seeing the end of Nolan's trilogy in the cinema but I don't feel caught up in the hype at all. And I'm starting to feel insecure about that. Maybe you are too. That would make me feel better, at least. And then maybe the next trailer can win us all over in a massive way. Fingers crossed.

'The Dark Knight Rises' hits cinemas worldwide in the summer of 2012.

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