Listen: Beau And The Arrows - Levy [New Single]

on Tuesday, August 02, 2011
Words: Saam Das

We were rather taken with Beau And The Arrows' debut single, and while their follow-up '' wasn't as strong as their previous offering, 'Levy' sees the band once again approaching the "ethereal take on post-punk" that originally won me over. Listen to the new single below.

'Levy' takes on the issue of the fragile state of Britain, directly referencing the ballooning university fees in its song title while the lyrics demonstrate the insecurity and a hope that the situation improves. The repeated refrain of "oh, you best pick me up" neatly summarises the disaffection and expectancy of a generation that already considers itself crippled.

The new single almost feels as if it's bridging a gap between the differing sounds of the earlier singles - the band seemingly honing their sound in the lead up to their forthcoming debut album, 'Future Kicks'. Not quite as strikingly raw as '' but with melodies approaching the warmth of the debut single, 'Levy' is a deceptively hard-hitting anthem.

STREAM: Beau and the Arrows - Levy

'Levy' drops on August 29th, and the band are playing a free single launch the week before at The Shacklewell Arms. Find more details at Facebook.

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