Singles: July 2011

on Friday, August 05, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I can't think of a particularly interesting introduction so this will have to be a bit of a Ronseal ("does what it says on the tin") paragraph. Much like how the search of Lawd Sugar's business partner is over, so is the wait to find out ten of my favourite singles from July 2011 - the photo above hints at the winner of the Single Of The Month. Check them all out below.

Bastille - 'Flaws'/'Icarus' (Release: 4th July)


It's been almost a year now since I first stumbled upon 'Icarus' on Soundcloud and I'm still as impressed by its "beguiling sense of majesty that places Bastille somewhere between Patrick Wolf and Hurts". The enthralling romantic pop of 'Flaws' followed early this year and now the two tracks have been released together to form a stunning debut single. July's single of the month.

Vinyl Jacket - 'Koala' (18th)

STREAM: Vinyl Jacket - Koala

Northumberland's finest Vinyl Jacket are a right chirpy lot, who keep churning out excitable, guitar-twiddling hits. 'Koala' is yet another slice of energetic indie-pop. Let's hope everyone else catches up with their brilliance soon. Runner up for Single Of The Month.

Givers - 'Up Up Up' (11th)

I was a little bit surprised to see so much love recently for 'Up Up Up' - I'd downloaded the demo off I Guess I'm Floating in 2009. 2009! It's the debut UK single for Givers though and has won fans for its bouncy, afro-pop stylings. A summer jam, as they'd say. Download for nada from their native label in the US, Glassnote.

The Sound Of Arrows - 'Magic' (25th)

It's a rule that we never feature re-releases in this singles column. Well, rules are made to be broken. The Sound Of Arrows get special treatment because a) they're one of our tips for 2011 and b) 'Magic' is bloody amazing. Joyous electro-pop.

The Leisure Society - 'You Could Keep Me Talking' (11th)

I was rather taken with The Leisure Society's previous single, 'This Phantom Life' and this is yet more "spirited orchestral pop". Like the soundtrack to the best (tea) party you've ever thrown.

Kyla La Grange - 'Been Better' (11th)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Been Better by Kyla La Grange

I was a little disappointed when I saw Kyla La Grange perform at The Great Escape festival in May but her new single has wins back some brownie points. Especially as it's up for free download too. Perhaps overly melodramatic but stirring folk-rock nonetheless.

Tropics - 'Mouves' (25th)

I'm going to forever remain dubious about anything sounding like chillwave. But 'Mouves' is chillwave done "right", escaping bland homogeneity for spiralling hypnoticism.

Elephant - 'Allured'/'Actors' (18th)

Regular readers might remember that we helped promote a gig in London earlier in the year. Elephant were one of the acts to play and had improved upon the time that I saw them late last year. Their second single sees a slightly new direction, with a seductive melancholy. The more I hear from the duo, the more I'm won over.

Moon Duo - 'Fallout' (4th)

Took me an age to figure out that the intro to 'Fallout' reminded me of Surfer Blood's 'Floating Vibes'. Moon Duo are considerably more psychedelic than Surfer Blood though - I'd say at least 19% more. An entrancing single but a radio edit would have been appreciated.

4th July: Strangers - 'It Was A Sin'/'If I Found Love'
11th: Born Blonde - 'Solar' // The War On Drugs - 'Baby Missiles' // I Like Trains - 'Sirens' // Mojo Fury - 'We Should Just Run Away'
18th: Men - 'Simultaneously' // Ben Howard - 'The Wolves' // Warm Brains - 'Let Down' // PJ Harvey - 'Let England Shake' // S.C.U.M. - 'Amber Hands' // Belle & Sebastian - 'Come On Sister' // Birdy - 'Shelter'
25th: Films Of Colour - 'Capital' // Matt And Kim - 'Block After Block' // Ane Brun - 'Do You Remember'

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