Surfacing: Golden Fable

on Thursday, August 18, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Remember that really annoying band (name) Tim & Sam's Tim & The Sam Band With Tim & Sam? Well, a couple of the main members of that band are back with a new project, the more palatable Golden Fable. The sound is similar to the former's experimental folk-pop, although the Golden Fable duo note that this new project is more vocally-led. Keep reading for details of how to get hold of their debut single for free.

Tim McIver and Becca Palin are the twosome behind Golden Fable and they've been prepping their debut album, due for release early next year. Their debut single 'The Chill Pt.2' comes out on limited edition CD in November but for the time being, they're giving the two tracks away for free as well.

There's an intriguing contrast on the two sides of the single - the mysticism of the haunting vocals on the 'The Chill Pt.2' is markedly different from the hope-filled 'The Golden Hour'. I prefer the latter's more uplifting sound myself but we'll have to wait to see which direction the album will head. This could be the start of something magical.

STREAM: The Chill Pt. 2 by Golden Fable

STREAM: The Golden Hour by Golden Fable

Purchase 'The Chill Pt.2' on CD at, where you can also download the tracks for free.

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