Surfacing: Yes Lord Sugar

on Monday, August 22, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Back in the early/glory days of this blog, when we were called Keep Hope Inside, I raved about two Liverpudlian bands - goFASTER>> and Elle S'appelle. I even included them in my tips for 2007 and tips for 2008, respectively. Sadly, neither band managed to break through. But in their death comes Yes Lord Sugar, full of the same infectious (boss)pop that won us over the first time round.

Their name might be inspired by the caustic overlord of 'The Apprentice' but Yes Lord Sugar don't share their namesake's dubious traits - instead they serve lashings of glorious synth-meets-guitar pop. We've got two of their newnewnew tracks to listen below, featuring former Elle S'appelle-r Lucy Blakeley's vocals soaring along bouncy pop rhythms.

An impressive start from the reincarnated Liverpudlian musicians. Keep it up, folks. Or in the inimitable words of Leroy Jenkins, "come on guys, let's do this".

Yes Lord Sugar - Wasted Minds

STREAM: Yes Lord Sugar - That Look In His eyes

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