Announcement: Saam On BBC 6Music [Now Playing x2]

on Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Words: Saam Das

You might have tuned in to my BBC 6Music radio appearance back in May, where I talked about some of my favourite acts of The Great Escape festival - namely BASTILLE, Lanterns On The Lake and Oh Land. Either way, I was invited back by producer Will and made appearance number two on last Friday's Now Playing show with Tom Robinson.

On the show, I talked about some new bands that I've written about recently on the blog - the Shura and Hiatus collaboration, Ellie Makes Music and Yes Lord Sugar. Listen to the show on BBC iPlayer until Friday evening. Skip to 1 hour 24 mins if you just want to hear my bit - although the show was a Bloc Party special so I recommend listening to the whole shebang.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ellie Makes Music - Home (original) by elliemakesmusic

First Demo 2011 by YesLordSugar

Now Playing airs every Friday between 7-9pm on BBC 6Music.

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