Singles: September 2011

on Thursday, October 06, 2011
Words: Saam Das

We've been busybusy over September, as you can see from our numerous reviews over the past month, but I've (eventually) found the time to collect my top ten singles of the month. If you know who the duo below are then you win a prize for guessing single of the month. Otherwise, read on for more singles that you can shake a stick at. Whatever that means.

Summer Camp band

Summer Camp - 'Better Off Without You' (UK Release: 12th)

I clearly missed the point when Summer Camp got really good. The eighties pop of 'Better Off With You' makes me want to roll the sleeves up on my denim jacket and get a mullet. Good thing I don't actually have a denim jacket. So let's just jump about instead. Well done Summer Camp, here's your imaginary SINGLE OF THE MONTH award.

Johnny Foreigner - '(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs' (12th)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Johnny Foreigner - (don't) show us ur fangs by alcopop

The first glimpse of Johnny Foreigner's upcoming third album is a surprisingly serene, non-mathy offering. There's acoustic guitars and everything. It's actually quite lovely, without abandoning their energetic, anthemic sound. The good folk at their new record label Alcopop are even giving it away for free, seeing as its single release comes in the form of...a sticker.

Slow Club - 'Where I'm Waking' (19th)

I'm a little sad that the Slow Club have gone in a more "upmarket" direction, especially in terms of their image, although it's possibly the direction that finally breaks them into the mainstream. The twee/folk has taken a backseat and a more melodramatic pop sound has emerged. It's made for a rollicking single.

The Antlers - 'I Don't Want Love' (19th)

A magical single from a magical band. Combining the melancholy of The National, swirling dream-pop and the etheral falsetto of lead vocalist Peter Silberman.

Ghostpoet - 'Liiines' (5th)

Along with DELS (who also had an impressive single out in September), Ghostpoet is one of the leading lights of the UK urban scene. They're both doing something different than the run-of-the-mill misogyny and bragging. So much so that Ghostpoet's even been nominated for this MTV Best New Band In The World Poll.

Bearsuit - 'Princess, You're A Test' (5th)

Experimental pop, with hints of psychedelia and blues-rock, from this Norwich five-piece. An exciteable effort from a band who are putting the mental in experimental.

Singing Adams - 'Injured Party' (19th)

Rough and tumble indie pop from the new band of Steven Adams, who used to front The Broken Family Band. It's breezy, it's fun, ticking most of the boxes in my checklist for what makes a great single.

Alex Winston - 'Velvet Elvis' (12th)

The pixie-like vocals of Alex Winston are always going to be divisive. I'm just about still onboard thanks to the wondrous sweeping bridge and chorus on 'Velvet Elvis'. Hopefully she won't fall completely into a pastiche of Kate Bush as the video to this track suggests though.

The Drums - 'Money' (5th)

'Money' has grown on me a lot more than it ought to have considering it's about 20bpm too fast. Why are you in such a rush fellas? But I do love the simplicity of the singalong chorus - "I want to buy you something....but I don't have any money". Amen, brothers.

A Genuine Freakshow - 'Our Bodies'/'New Houses' (26th)

I really enjoyed 'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness', which came out in March, and A Genuine Freakshow have followed it up with this double A-side single. 'New Houses' is a little bit of a trial to get through but 'Our Bodies' is an impressive slice of melodramatic, orchestral pop.

5th: Big Deal - 'Chair' // DELS - 'Capsize' // Teeth - 'Flowers' // Age Of Consent - 'The Beach' // Evans The Death - 'I’m So Unclean'

12th: Laura Marling - 'Sophia' // Young Knives - 'Vision In Rags' // Comet Gain - 'An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls' // The Narcoleptic Dancers - 'Rastakraut' (Free Download) // WATERS - 'For The One' (Free Download)

19th: Spector - 'What You Wanted' // Ben Sommers - 'Elephant You' // Emmy The Great - 'Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture)' // Marcus Foster - 'I Was Broken' // Waylayers - 'Hear No Lies' // Cosmo Jarvis - 'My Day' (Free Download)

26th: Let's Buy Happiness - 'Dirty Lakes' // Savaging Spires - 'Bending The Rules Of Time' // Caged Animals - 'Teflon Heart' // Puro Instinct - 'Slivers Of You'

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