Surfacing: Aviaries

on Monday, October 31, 2011
Words: Jack Thomson

Leeds band Aviaries

Leeds-based band Aviaries make incredibly exciting rock infused post-pop music, filled with plenty of angst and emotion. Having released their first EP 'Hydrology' back in January of this year, they returned with their new single 'Ribbons' at the end of May. Explore their music below.

The single is up-tempo, guitar heavy, and full of distortion and reverb, with an equally epic ending. It is definitely one of the more exciting tracks I’ve heard in a while and a fantastic introduction to the band for anyone who’s not already heard of them.

The track is accompanied by 'Bermuda', which opens with a big synth-backed bass line that wouldn’t sound out of place on Phoenix’s 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' album, before it drops to an 80s sounding guitar riff akin to that in Don Henley’s 'Boys Of Summer'. That might sound like an odd mix, but trust me, it really works. The track ebbs and flows with moments of real crescendo with pounding drums and more reverb fuelled guitars, building to an electro-pop end that rounds the song off perfectly.

'Bermuda' also has a rather trippy music video accompanying it created by Panatrex. It shows three women on rollerblades skating around some fountains, before they climb in and splash each other with water; definitely an interesting concept for a music video.

Listening to these two tracks, Aviaries are definitely ones to watch and hopefully they’ll have some new songs out soon. Both 'Ribbons' and 'Bermuda' can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page now.

STREAM: Ribbons by Aviaries

STREAM: Bermuda by Aviaries

STREAM: Hydrology EP by Aviaries

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