Surfacing: The Louche FC

on Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Words: Saam Das

The Louche FC band

A few months back I reviewed the DVD release of 'Upside Down - The Creation Records Story'. Manchester trio The Louche FC wouldn't have been out of place on that label, having been compared to My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. Their wonderful melodic shoegaze blend perhaps best heard on the impeccable debut single, 'Back Bedroom Casualty', which you can download below.

That debut single came out this Spring, with 'Only In A Dream' as its B-side, further tapping into their sixties pop influence which is juxtaposed with their noisier ambitions. Gotta be one of the singles of the year. Free download 'Hands' comes from the same sessions as the forthcoming new release, still to be confirmed.

The Louche FC play their debut London gig on 1st November. If it's anything like their recorded material, then it'll be pretty special and unexpectedly life-affirming.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Louche FC - Back Bedroom Casualty by sways

STREAM: The Louche FC - Only in a Dream by sways

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Louche FC - Hands by sways

Find out more details about the band at Facebook.

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