Surfacing: Vela

on Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Vela is Jen formerly of Soft Toy Emergency

One of my friends recently made me sit through an episode of 'Made In Chelsea', the pseudo-reality tv show/window into the depths of hell. (She is giving me a free TV, mind you.) Liverpudlian electro-pop artist Vela featured on the soundtrack of a recent episode, which is either a blessing or a curse, I'm not quite certain. Download her newest track 'Warrior' for free below anyway.

You may recognise Vela as Jen, the lead singer of Soft Toy Emergency, who I briefly mentioned on the blog a few years back and then duly forgot about. Hopefully Vela won't suffer the same fate. She's made an impressive start though with the swirling electro-pop demo of 'Painkiller' from earlier in the year already sounding like a huge anthem - somewhat reminiscent of Sunday Girl's excellent single 'Four Floors'.

Vela's also just unveiled a new track, 'Warrior', and is giving it away for free. While I don't think it quite matches the brilliance of 'Painkiller', there's undoubtedly massive commercial potential there. With a marketing push, she could be everywhere. EVERYWHERE.


STREAM: Vela - Painkiller (Demo) by velaofficial

Find more on Vela at Facebook.

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