Month In Reviews: November 2011

on Friday, December 02, 2011

A quiet month for FG. Which is good because it gave me time to recover my sanity after the bustling October we had. Anyway, we had some positive reviews of the new albums from Summer Camp and Calexico, brought in the festive film period with 'Arthur Christmas', and revisited some of the year's summer releases which are out on DVD, including the actually-quite-funny 'Bridesmaids'. Check the reviews out below.


Summer Camp - 'Welcome To Condale' // Emily Solan // 8.5

Calexico - 'Selections From Road Atlas 1998-2011' // Simon Opie // 8.5


'Arthur Christmas' // Saam Das // 7.5

DVD REVIEWS: (release dates in brackets)

'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' // Ced Yuen // 7.5 (28th)

'Horrible Bosses' // Saam Das // 6.5 (21st)

'Cars 2' // Ced Yuen // 6.0 (21st)

'Bridesmaids' // Saam Das // 7.5 (14th)



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