Remixed: Alex Day - Forever Yours (Vocal Remix)

on Friday, December 23, 2011
Remixed is a column that will highlight remixes we actually think are worthy of praise, be they old or new. Because most remixes are rubbish. // Words: Saam Das

Alex Day is something of a YouTube sensation. Indeed, you may now him better as "nerimon". He's in a Doctor Who tribute band. He's also found himself in the mix to become the UK's latest Christmas #1 single. Although his offering 'Forever Yours' isn't a festive special, it is in aid of charity and actually quite good. Listen to it below, along with a charming vocal-only version.

'Forever Yours' weighed in at #4 in the UK midweek chart, thankfully well ahead of the ill-advised campaign to send Nirvana and their famously festive 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' to the top of the charts. 'Forever Yours' probably won't make the top spot but it's an opportunity to at least support independent music as well as the charity World Vision. You might even be persuaded to buy one of the bajillion remixes on offer.

I opted for Alex's earnest vocal remix of his otherwise bouncy electro-pop anthem. Its vocal-heavy approach really reminded me of the heartfelt 'JCB Song' - oddly appropriate considering that song was beaten to the 2005 Christmas #1 by Shayne Ward's debut X Factor single....whatever that was. Perhaps Alex can go one better.

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