Blog Sound Of 2012: Shortlist + Winner

on Monday, January 02, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Over thirty bloggers got together (via email) and made our own "ones to watch" list to rival/complement the BBC's Sound Of 2012 poll. The latter poll has begun the countdown of its five act shortlist today and we're revealing the top five of ours too, following the fifteen strong longlist.

5) Daughter

A long time FG favourite who is on the path to "doing a Laura Marling" and finding her folk-pop showered in critical acclaim while still appealing to something of a mainstream audience.

4) French Wives

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I'm not overly familiar with this Scottish outfit except knowing they are neither French, nor wives. but their support from blogs North of the border has translated into an impressive showing in this poll.

3) Beth Jeans Houghton

Another act touted on FG for quite sometime and finally unleashing her debut album on Mute Records this year. Album track 'Dodecahedron' was unveiled back in May and suggests big things.

2) Theme Park

I'm on the fence about this band. (Perhaps because I was more a fan of Theme Hospital.) But there's moments here that appeal to me, normally when the bits influenced by Mystery Jets or Talking Heads, such as the b-side to their debut single - 'Wax'.

1) Friends

The only band actually also on the BBC's Sound Of 2012 poll - and the only band in that poll to be independently signed, rather than on a major label. Nonetheless, that doesn't particularly change my poor opinion of our winning act. I'm still waiting to be excited by their self-diagnosed "tropicool" material.

Check out the YouTube/Spotify playlist of the longlist. Our own list of "tips for 2012" (aka Futuresounds) is in the works.

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