Download: Disappearers - Leave What You Love [Live Session]

on Friday, January 13, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I'm quite excited by the fact that 2012 could see a lot of the bands we've featured on the blog actually going places. Step forward Disappearers, who did a live version of one of their newest tracks for Reebok Classics. And for all of us. But mainly Reebok. The organ-infused alt-pop of 'Leave What You Love' lies in wait below, in both its original demo and recent live session forms.

We've been enjoying each of the tracks the band has come up with beginning with my #38 top track of 2010, 'Everything Straight Lies', to the last demos I posted almost exactly a year ago. 'Leave What You Love' is the latest of their tracks to pleasurably combine a certain melancholy with a wistfulness.

The Reebok session saw artist Andrew Groves use a room as his canvas, in which Disappearers then performed the track. Read more and pick up the free live version download at Soundcloud. You can pick up the superior sounding demo from the widget below the videos.

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