Download: Anothers Blood - Through The Dark / Foreign Nights

on Monday, February 27, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Following their previous free download antics with 'Lost Communication', today Anothers Blood yet again unleashed a new download for just 24 hours. 'Through The Dark' is backed by 'Foreign Nights' and a Jeweller's remix of the latter - buy none, get three free. Experience the melancholia-meets-dream-pop of the new tracks below, along with their glorious cover of New Order's 'Lonesome Tonight'.

The band have been slowly making waves since last year, with New York's Family Records releasing 'Lost Communication' on 7" vinyl, while Mojo Magazine put their version of 'Lonesome Tonight' on their January cover CD. Now we have more good stuff. Hasty stuff too.

'Through The Dark' alternates between the introspective and extroverted, especially with its sparkling chorus. 'Foreign Nights' takes on a more cinematic, melancholic tone, while being oddly reminiscent of Coldplay. But maybe that's just me. Listen to the tracks in the Soundcloud embeds, and the 'Foreign Nights' remix and New Order cover in YouTube videos below. Download the former tracks through Facebook.

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