Download: The Good Natured - Raindrops

on Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I'm not sure I believe in the Valentine's Day hoopla. Until the day someone brings me roses. And by that, I mean a tin of Roses chocolates. A plus side to the day is the generosity of bands and artists in giving away songs for free, as The Good Natured have. Their generosity is time-limited however so pick up the seeping melodrama of 'Raindrops' for free below.

'Raindrops' eschews some of the more recent continental dance-pop that they've been embracing for their earlier darkness - albeit with a tinge of Enya of all people. The latter is by no means a bad thing, adding a sense of mysticism to this tale of woe.

On a similar note but in a different direction, comes an unreleased track from Sarah McIntosh et al, the wonderful 'Lovers'. Even in acoustic form as the session video shows below, the track pulsates magnificently. "You and I could be lovers, but you and I will never be in love."

Find more info at The band play Proud Camden in London this evening.

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