Preview: Vault Festival 2012

on Tuesday, February 07, 2012
VAULT Festival (9-26 Feb '12, The Old Vic Tunnels) // Words: Saam Das

VAULT is a three week long festival, combining performing arts, music and film, set in London's Old Vic Tunnels. "From theatrical gigs of elemental fury to immersive operatic worlds, and from late night themed parties to a horror-exclusive cinema, VAULT will thrill everyone who comes through our Leake Street door." We're delighted to be attending some of the events - read on for some of our highlights of the upcoming festival.


Hammer is a legendary name in horror film history, not only in Britain but worldwide. 17 of their films will be shown in the unique setting of the Old Vic tunnels and it's no surprise that the latest Hammer offering, 'The Woman In Black' has already sold out. Each screening has its own special guest and we think that 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles' (Sun 12th) featuring a reading from Mark Gatiss, and the world premiere of a newly restored version of 'Dracula' (Sat 18th) are of particular interest.


Forget silent discos, this is the next level. Transforming 'La Bohéme into an immersive experience, the viewer is able to don their own personal set of headphones provided, juxtaposing newly created high quality recordings of Puccini's orchestral score against the live singers. Revitalising opera for the 21st century.


Performed by Pangolin's Teatime, this show has already garnered several rave reviews from broadsheets across the UK. Unique up-to-the-minute satire. With cardboard puppets. If they can reproduce such skits as the below 'Avatar' parody then rest assured this show will be devilishly amusing.


The Streetwise Opera have brought a selection of fables back into the contemporary consciousness via a series of short films, featuring over one hundred performers. The vast majority of these performers are homeless and "if you have ever been curious about the power singing has to change people’s lives, come and see Streetwise Opera’s work in action."


For the nocturnal among us, VAULT is providing several nights of late night entertainment, from 10pm onwards. Videopia (10th) allows enthusiasts to join in their movie recreations in the midst of a party atmosphere, B-Movie Ball (18th) is perfect for the fancy dress film lover, and Mardi Gras brings the New Orleans spirit to Sarf Lahndan.

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