Surfacing: Casablanca [New Band]

on Thursday, February 09, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Back in 2007, when this blog was called Keep Hope Inside, I talked a bit about a barely-into-their-teens indie band called Lo-Fi Culture Scene on one of the few podcasts I ever got around to making. Turns out we weren't the only ones to evolve into different things as the LFCS boys are now Casablanca, partly named after the film and a member of The Strokes, with an appropriately mature sound.

The band are still young uns at seventeen but with a couple of singles under their belt in their past guise, and support slots for the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Bloc Party, they're ready for a second stab at a music career. (Once they've done their A levels, obviously - stay in school, kids.) And the early signs are good.

Three demos are up on their Soundcloud with the moody 'I Needed To Know', a very recent addition. I must admit I prefer the other demos over the pottymouthed angst of the newest track. Reminiscent of their early days, 'Yes' is a heady indie anthem, cradled by guitar lines. 'Matter Of Time' finds itself in a similar fashion, albeit in ballad format. The tracks are all well crafted - tips for 2013? Quite possibly. The kids are alright.

Find more info at Facebook.

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