Listen: Alt-J - Matilda / Fitzpleasure [New Single]

on Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Words: Jack Thomson

Being a big fan of Alt-J and having tipped them for big things in 2012, it won’t surprise many of you that I’m backing their latest AA release 'Matilda'/'Fitzpleasure'. That said, you’ve got to give credit where it’s due and this band is definitely something special. With a few demos online and one other AA 7” release of 'Bloodflood'/'Tessellate' already under their belt, it is 'Matilda'/'Fitzpleasure' that really shows the depth and variety Alt-J have to offer.

They are both very different tracks, but I guess that's the point. 'Matilda' is a delicate, intricate song with a beautiful melody and a heart warming, atmospheric sound. The guitars are acoustic and the drums are delicate, allowing the vocals and lyrics to shine. They’ve also made an equally captivating video which slowly morphs though what I can only assume are the band members faces.

'Fitzpleasure' couldn’t be more the opposite. It is a dark, brooding electronic track that is driven by a very heavy, almost hypnotic bass line with plenty of vocal harmonies, giving it a very dense sound. That said, there are moments in the track when it breaks down to intricate instrumentation not a million miles away from the sounds of 'Matilda', but always returning to that earth shattering bass.

The tracks compliment each other perfectly and show a real sophistication from the band their musicianship and song writing abilities. The tracks were released on triangular(!) 7" vinyl last week, as well as on a digital EP with a Ghostpoet remix of 'Matilda' and a fantastic bretonLABS remix of 'Fitzpleasure'.

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