Download: Father Sculptor - Blue [New Track]

on Friday, April 20, 2012
Words: Saam Das

We surfaced Glasgow's Father Sculptor last month, and this week, they released their debut "single", a free give away of the previously featured 'Ember' and new track 'Blue'. Listen to their widescreen melancholia below.

'Blue' takes on a slightly different tone to the previous efforts - with its pulsating rhythm and somewhat ominous backing vocals. Elements of post-punk and shoegaze are eventually consumed toward the end of 'Blue', and instead the band's influence by The Smiths (best heard in their previous incarnation, is embraced Johnny Reb).

'Ember', as we've previously noted, is in a similar vein to fellow identity (s)lackers WU LYF with a significant Morrissey vocal influence. Together, the two tracks suggest something exciting is stirring across the border.

Download 'Blue' on Bandcamp. Find more info at

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