Surfacing: Pale [New Act]

on Thursday, April 05, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Another day, another mysterious new act. Yesterday we discussed the slowly building hype of the still somewhat enigmatic Arthur Beatrice. While I wrote about Arthur Beatrice comparatively late on, waiting it out till enough details were revealed, I intend to pounce upon new solo artist Pale early to see how things pan out.

Much like another veiled act Father Sculptor, Pale supported Spector recently. Alas, not much information has emerged regarding that appearance. But now some tracks have emerged on Soundcloud so we can all hear for ourselves. And see how the hype machine rolls on...

Lewis over at Be Bop Kids seems to be the first blogger on the case, although he elected to say very little about Pale. Which is still more than anyone else. There's a suggestion that Pale is somehow involved with Paradyse Records, the Transgressive offshoot, which counts Cold Specks and Theme Park among their clan.

Two tracks are available to listen to at the moment - 'Typical You' and 'Big Deal' - which kind of remind me of that album title by The National, "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers". As the vocals ache through the melodrama and melancholia, there's a sense of timelessness about Pale. Quietly impressive. "Don't you know I'm kind of a big deal?" - we shall see, we shall see.

Keep an eye out on Pale's Soundcloud page for more info.

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