Surfacing: PEACE [New Band]

on Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Im not really sure whether Birmingham's PEACE quite count as a "new band", having been prominent on blogs etc for well over a year. Having said that, their debut single 'Follow Baby' is only out this month - so here we are. Id previously given them a wide berth thanks to their WU LYF-esque less is more approach but having seen them in the flesh at the XFM All-Dayer earlier in the year, Im suitably impressed.

Formed from the ashes of indie rock outfit November & The Criminal, 'Bblood' was the first (and, until recently, only) track by PEACE to catch the eye of most, with its mix of latter-day Foals, a dash of the aforementioned WU LYF and a hint of afro-pop. Since that track appeared, PEACE have effectively been in stasis till 2012, barring the occasional live date.

Their direction seems to have moved on since 'Bblood', instead opting for more of a grunge-meets-baggy vibe - a curious combination yet one which works remarkably well. Take new single 'Follow Baby', for example, with its love of The Stone Roses 'I Wanna Be Adored' and its general grunge aesthetic (as well as an underlayer of Brit-pop) and the result is striking.

Along with the likes of Troumaca and Swim Deep, PEACE suggest that the Midlands is looking increasingly like the place to find compelling new music in 2012. Although theyre probably coming to a town near you on their current tour with the Mystery Jets, and expect to hear more and more about PEACE in the coming months.

'Follow Baby' is out on 20 April via Deadly. Find more at

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