Cinema Preview: Six Films To See In May 2012

on Friday, May 04, 2012
Words: Saam Das

As ever, there are some dubious movies out this month, with 'Piranha 3DD' (11 May) and 'American Pie: Reunion' (2 May) being the main offenders. Sacha Baron Cohen's latest effort 'The Dictator' (16 May) may flatter to deceive, despite an effective marketing campaign. Felt/Denim fans may find interest in 'Lawrence Of Belgravia' (2 May), which catches up with frontman Lawrence Hayward. I wasn't so enamoured with the documentary however and instead, here is my selection of May highlights.

'Dark Shadows' (11 May)

Tim Burton continues his rich collaboration with Johnny Depp, in this remake/spin-off of a thirty year old TV show of the same name. Depp stars as Barnabus, a 200 year old vampire, who is brought unto 1970s middle America. There is potential for Depp's portrayal of Barnabus to be as iconic as his recent Jack Sparrow offerings, with the trailer suggesting promising things.

'Iron Sky' (23 May)

Many years in the making, this ludicrous film about a Nazi invasion from their base on the Moon finally comes out this month. Certainly better in theory than in execution, nonetheless should go down as a cult classic purely for being very silly. Part 'Independence Day', part 'The Great Dictator' and part....erm...'White Chicks'. All in all, quite absurd.

'Men In Black 3' (25 May)

I've been a little reticent about the third instalment of the 'Men In Black' franchise but seeing a 3D trailer the other day in front of 'Avengers Assemble' gave me greater hope. Potentially convoluted time travel plot aside, Josh Brolin looks like he's nailed Tommy Lee Jones's distinctive accent and mannerisms.

'Moonrise Kingdom' (25 May)

Wes Anderson has firmly established himself as one of the most well respected auteurs of his generation, marshalling ensemble casts with ease while writing effortlessly quirky material time and time again. Featuring talent of the calibre of Edward Norton and Tilda Swinton as well as Anderston stalwarts Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman suggests good things again.

'The Raid' (18 May)

Scuppered by a fire alarm when I went to see this film recently, 'The Raid' showed enough in its first hour to demonstrate just why it's being talked up as one of the finest action films of recent years. Think of a combination of John Woo, 'Attack The Block' and 'Die Hard' and you're somewhere in the right area. Visceral and thrilling, complete with a pulsating soundtrack from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda.

'Tales Of The Night' (25 May)

A film that immediately caught my attention despite seeing less than a minute of footage at the 2011 London Film Festival press launch, I sadly missed seeing the whole feature at the time. Vivid silhouette animation from French director Michael Ocelot. Visually arresting, at the very least.

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