Surfacing: Emma Louise [New Act]

on Monday, May 14, 2012
Words: Jack Thomson

It’s not often you find such a delicate voice that effortlessly draws you in as a listener and fills you with such strong emotion from the word go, but that’s exactly what Emma Louise has achieved. Hailing from Brisbane, she creates music with an incredibly mature sound which helps drive it’s emotive power, yet there is an underlying fragility at it’s core that makes it seem effortless and real.

Last year she released 'Full Hearts & Empty Rooms', a folk-pop EP that got considerable attention through lead track 'Jungle'. The song begins with a pulsing synth, distant drums and her stunning vocal, before transforming into a far more ethereal sound as we hear some of the power in her voice come through.

Emma Louise now returns with a new song 'Boy' that is equally as captivating, showing she is capable of consistently writing interesting sounding music. With more of a down-tempo, laid back feel, 'Boy' is a promising indication that we can expect a lot more in the coming months.

She embarks on a short UK tour that started with The Great Escape this weekend, before playing dates in London and at Liverpool Sound City festival. Be sure to catch her playing live in the UK while you can.

Find more info at Facebook.

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