Surfacing: JOYLAND [New Music]

on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Upping sticks and moving to a new land used to be tough enough at the best of times. These days are certainly not the best of times but that hasn't stopped Joyland from moving away from Northern Ireland and calling London their new home. The band comprise Boban Tran, Boots Woodhouse, and Carvin Loen - a trio of incredible names, to match their incredible debut single, 'Whitebate'.

A couple of members of the band have put music out under a different name and while we normally reveal further details for the sake of transparency, in this case, we won't be dwelling upon the past. (The reason for which will be abundantly clear should you investigate.) Instead, we'll be looking toward the future for JOYLAND.

Their forthcoming single 'Whitebate' will be out on CRC Music, the label that recently also released a single from Leicester's Silent Devices, who we enjoyed at Bushstock 2012. Channelling Interpol and Pixies, 'Whitebate' is a dark, lo-fi gem. There's maybe even a touch of the sorely missed Hope Of The States there.

While the debut JOYLAND single is superb, we're always tentative about throwing our support behind acts without hearing more. We've had the opportunity to listen to a couple of their other tracks, namely 'Trucks Of The Sea' (live video above) and 'Bella The Butcher', which continue in a similarly excellent vein - admittedly not quite to the heights of 'Whitebate'.

'Whitebate' is released on 30 July. Find more info at

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