BBC iPlayer: Under African Skies (2012)

on Sunday, July 08, 2012
'Under African Skies' (2012) // Words: Saam Das

One of the finest documentary films I have ever seen, it is an incredible coup that the BBC have had the opportunity to share the brilliant Paul Simon documentary 'Under African Skies' with the British public. Hopefully you will be wise enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

It is a film that explores both the political and personal implications that resulted in Simon's decision to collaborate with black musicians in South Africa on his widely acclaimed 'Graceland' album. Perceived as breaking the cultural boycott put in place in response to the apartheid government yet equally exposing black musicians into the welcoming arms of a Western audience who had not yet heard their enthralling style of music.

Directed by Oscar nominated documentarian Joe Berlinger, 'Under African Skies' had its UK premiere at the Sundance London film festival and was one of the undoubted highlights. I further emboldened my positive reaction recently, claiming this film is a "a must-see for any music fan". Well, here's your chance.

Watch 'Under African Skies' on BBC iPlayer until 23:04, 31 July '12.

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