Listen: Hey Sholay - Burning [New Single]

on Monday, July 09, 2012
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Daniel Rose Design

I think any fervent music fan can relate to the overwhelming number of bands bombarding us from all directions, at all times. This is somewhat more heightened for the average music blogger. There's an element of fatigue as a result. Which can be my only excuse for never properly checking out Hey Sholay - their most recent single, the thrilling anthem 'Burning'.

This Northern five-piece (now based in Sheffield) have been knocking on doors for quite a while now, so much so their debut album is coming out this September. Entitled '((O))'. I wish I was joking. Thankfully, they know how to put a tune together as June single 'Burning' is brilliant.

Spritely piano-driven indie, evoking memories of another brilliant recent anthem - 'DFYF' by Good Dangers. 'Burning' has more of a leftfield vibe to its pop compared to the latter track, with its gloriously kaleidoscopic melody which gives the track an occasional and pleasant dream-pop undercurrent.

This appears to be their most straight-forwardly pop track yet, perhaps going some way to explain why I haven't quite clicked with their past material, which arguably was imbued with much more of a psychedelic element. Check out one of the other highlights of their back catalogue below, 'Wishbone', along with 'Burning' - hopefully two tracks that will be making it on to the forthcoming debut record.

'Burning' is out now. Find more info at

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