Surfacing: LookiMakeMusic [New Music]

on Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Words: Saam Das

I know we're hardly the best judge of naming things here at FG but LookiMakeMusic does take the biscuit a tad. No matter though, as this Birmingham five-piece play their self-labelled "Post-Indiepopcore" with thrilling zest. Listen below, theymakegoodmusic.

The band have been going for a couple of years now, releasing a string of demos into the ether/internet. Yet popular and critical reaction has been surprisingly muted. Simon from Sweeping The Nation seems to be the band's most fervent supporter, and we're here to join him on his online crusade of sorts.

The Boyzone/The Osmonds-baiting EP 'Hate Me For A Reason, Let The Reason Be Hate' came out toward the end of June, generously as a free download. Channelling the likes of Los Campesinos! and Hot Club de Paris, the latest LookiMakeMusic hints at a band who have come into their own - the sum of their influences has become something greater.

The EP boasts their angsty lyrics meet melancholic, orchestral indie while an undercurrent of Kinsella-core threatens at every passing moment. This confluence of genres works best on 'Michigan, Massachusetts, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds' and 'I Don't Make Threats, I Make Promises' - an unexpected anthemic double header on this most promising three track EP. Listen and download the EP below.

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