Surfacing: Tamara Schlesinger [New Music]

on Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Words: Saam Das

London band 6 Day Riot have been around for a fair while, plugging away with moderate recognition. Lead singer Tamara Schlesinger has been extra busy, recording a solo album that will come out in August. The glorious orchestral-folk tracks that have emerged thus far suggest something impressive is on the horizon.

We got our heads up on Tamara's new material from Ed over at 17 Seconds, who described first single 'Again' as "curiously addictive". We feel similarly, entranced by Tamara's ethereal vocals, which her music is wisely built around. Shades of fellow British solo females Theoretical Girl and Alessi's Ark seep through, not bad company to be in at all.

'The Procession' comes out on August 6th, part-funded by Creative Scotland. Find more info at

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