Listen: Alpines - Chances [EP Preview]

on Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Words: Saam Das

London night-poppers Alpines probably should have released an album by now. Of course, my impatience is possibly clouding my judgement here. Instead, it looks like their debut record won't be out till early 2013 considering their forthcoming release, a new EP, entitled 'Early Hours'. Listen to the first track to emerge from the EP, the hauntingly understated 'Chances'.

Alpines are on something of a roll this year with their releases, the pulsating Craze + Hoax collab 'Gold' appearing in March followed by the rousing melodrama of 'Empire' in June. 'Chances' goes in a different (but similarly entrancing) direction, more hypnotic and sensual as the pace slows.

'Early Hours' is out in October. Find more info at

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