Album Review: Waves Of Fury - Thirst

on Thursday, October 25, 2012
Waves Of Fury - 'Thirst' (UK Release: 29 Oct '12) // Words: Simon Opie

The idea behind this record is so brilliant that within five minutes of starting to listen to it you'll be wondering why you didn't think of it yourself. Take all the things that make the classic Phil Spector records so amazingly great and bring them bang up to date.

Waves Of Fury employ Spector's guitar-driven wall of sound for sure, with towering horns, hammering pianoforte and reverb drenched handclaps. At times it's like Dexy's Midnight Runners on steroids and at others like Trent Reznor covering My Bloody Valentine. Just terrific and truly uplifting.

This band has swagger in spades fused with a healthy and very contemporary disregard for form and contentment. Opener 'Death Of A Vampire' sets the tone and if it doesn't bring a smile to your face within 30 seconds, get a nurse to check your pulse. The album is chockfull of great songs and it's one I think you'll play over and over.]

But it’s also no one trick pony and there’s considerable variation to be found with plenty of off-kilter moments that break the flow and make you think. Industrial tom-tom rhythms on 'Businessman’s Guide To Witchcraft', the wonderful guitar solo in 'These Things I Leave You' (download for free below), and the laid back 'Pretender Soul', somewhat reminiscent of early Spiritualized.

'The Everlasting Thirst' has Motown overtones soaked in feedback, 'I Don’t Know What To Make Of Your Fucked Up Friends' an unmistakeable sixties vibe, and 'Killer Inside Me' a mid song bongo solo that is totally funky. At thirty-one minutes long 'Thirst' certainly doesn’t outstay its welcome and it’s always bursting with ideas, though if I had a criticism it's that it's lacking maybe the one absolute killer song.

So Waves Of Fury – about whom I know nothing except they come from Somerset - have produced something rather special, and I, for one, will be looking out for them. I suggest you do the same.


'Thirst' is available to pre-order from, ahead of its 29th Oct release. Find more info at

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